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Strength training is more than just lifting weights. It requires core, stability, flexibility and balance to be able to execute the training correctly and successfully. Strength training burns more calories at rest, helps improve weak areas of the body and builds bone density. The other systems offered here at the Spiralates Studio enhance and help achieve weight and strength training even better. I offer Bosu, hula hoop and CoreBoard training as well.

As part of the Spiralates Studio, I offer full-scale cardio equipment: Life fitness, elliptical, treadmill, Johnny G. Spin Bike, rebounder, and a Bowflex Treadclimber. I believe in cross-training to enhance fat-burning results. This is done by focusing on heart rate zones and keeping the body challenged to prevent “auto pilot” exercise.

Cardiovascular training is another key component to burning fat for fuel and a primary way to your heart’s health.

Gyrotonic Tower Exercise Training Los Angeles