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Joseph Pilates was a dancer in the 1920s, and he created a form of linear movement to rehabilitate wounded soldiers and POWs. Pilates is a way to intelligently condition muscles and realign one's body in a linear approach.  If one were to imagine a tree, the trunk would be the area where Pilates works from.  Pilates is one of the many forms of exercise used to rehabilitate injuries.

Pilates has been taught for years. There are many and various schools of thought and styles.  However, it is important to have a solid basis and training, and I was trained years ago and have a strong background in Pilates.

I have found that in my 28-year career of teaching many forms of exercise, my instinct and ability to adapt to each person's individual needs has helped my clients the best. I am able to be creative and successful in helping others achieve their exercise and performance goals through this approach to Pilates.

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