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Nutrition is part of any good exercise regimen. I have counseled many in nutrition and energy intake behavior as part of their personal training courses. Though I am not a dietician, through my experience and health training, I can assist you in attaining your goals—whether they be to gain, lose or simply maintain your weight.

My experience comes from working with loved ones who struggle with serious weight issues, as well as witnessing the death of someone very dear to me who passed away due to weight problems. I believe in common sense, consistency and team work. Each person has individual needs, and through discussion and counseling, I always find what those unique needs are.

I offer help in a loving and supportive environment. The key to most nutrition success is self accountability, realization, behavior and life changes. By working on one habit at a time, if needed, I can provide expertise to help achieve these goals as part of your exercise training.

Nutrition Counseling - Noelle Geller